Minimum hardware for JMonkey 3.1 Stable


What types of hardware that games created by JMonkey 3.1 can run with? Would games created by JMonkey 3.1 be run on the old laptop with 2GB of RAMs? Does Jmonkey games have any blacklisted video card? What are the minimum requirement for JMonkey games?


With JME 3.1, the card must support OpenGL2. That’s really the only minimum restriction beyond issues/bugs in specific GPU/drivers that may or may not exist from day to day.

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As far as CPU/RAM requirements, that depends 100% on your project and your ability to make things fit. You could write a jME game that could run fine on a machine with a single core 1.5 GHz processor and 512 MB RAM, and you could also write a game that would completely swamp a machine with a quad-core 3.5 GHz processor and 6 GB RAM (I just made those numbers up as an example; they contain no factual information whatsoever). What you can accomplish with a certain amount of CPU & RAM depends entirely on how you utilize both in your project.

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Thank you.