As I'm optimizing the swing-ui stuff I stumbled upon some texture and mipmap stuff. E.g. this:

LWJGLTextureState.apply() creates mipmaps even if mipMapState of the texture is MM_NEAREST or MM_LINEAR. This is not necessary, is it? As these types are mapped to GL11.GL_NEAREST, GL11.GL_LINEAR no mipMaps should be used. Can I safely disable mipmap creation for these texture types?

Another thing: has anybody used setMipMapSizes successfully?

(I get only a completely white texture when I use it with MM_LINEAR_LINEAR)

Issue 142 was going to deal with this. I was working on VolatileImages for 0.9 and soon realized that TextureManager needed a few changes, which then led to a number of discoveries (mipmap issue you describe being one of them). Due to the number of issues we decided to postpone that for 0.10 and hence, the issue was added.

So, yes. You can work on that and check it against issue 142 if you'd like.

Ok, committed.

What about that setMipMapSizes? it does not work for me - only white texture  :?