Mirror Node

Is there a quick way I can mirror a node about its z column?

Rotate it 180 about the Z axis?



  • I have a charater animation that throws a left punch
  • I want to mirror it to throw a a right punch.

    I dont want to have to make double the amount of animations

    to satify left & right techniques.

    make more sense?

i think you can scale it by a factor of (-1, 1, 1); That would do what you want…i think.


very clever!

I’ll try it out tonight

btw, proper mirroring is going to be put in jME. I had a simple example working, but as soon as I moved the camera, it just stopped :frowning:

Oh well…After I finish what im doing now (the LaserTrail) il see what i can muster.


oooooo … laser trail. Sounds cool. I hope you share hehe.

BTW scaling by (1,1-1) did the trick.