Miss "Beginner Tutorial" "Hello Status Bar" or something similar

  1. I want to make life, mana, number of shots, etc. visible. So I need a status bar around the camera / the screen. This is independent of the orientation of the camera, it’s static.
  2. I want to build buttons on the bar where I activate a spell, grenade or bulldozer. Even with the mouse, if it is just visible.

Maybe I wasn’t looking properly, but so far I’ve only found examples where meshes are added before shading and not after shading.

Can give someone a link or a scrap of code. Thx.

When you add those elements to the gui node (this one is orthogonal) they will be independent of the camera orientation.

Take a look at the GUI part of the wiki.

I would encourage you to take a look at Lemur, it’s an awesome lightweight framework that makes GUI creation a breeze.


Thanks for the hint. Exactly the info about the “gui node” was missing to me. I will try it out. :slight_smile: