Missing Android output


I’ve installed the latest Android SDK, then installed the plugin into jMonkey SDK. After finishing tutorials, I wanted to test them on my phone, but the Android output wasn’t listed: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/29517462/error.png . Any idea what’s wrong with it?

+A bug: every time I close the SDK, it starts again(on Win7). After some updates were installed, the SDK asked for a restart, then nothing happened. Since then, I’m forced to use the Task Manager to quit from jMonkey (while it’s loading).

Hi again,

It seems like, the usually fixing mechanism on win7 (reinstall the program, then hoping for work) helps. Android output is listed, and the restart bug is gone.

The “restart bug” has been reported by various windows users but I wasn’t able to reproduce it properly. It seems to have to do with file permissions or access as the settings folder seems to be partially non-writable when this happens. At any instance its a hint theres a problem and that you can’t expect the application to work properly. Any idea what could have caused it on your side? Do you switch admin/user accounts often or often run applications “as admin”?

After I reinstalled & updated the SDK, it asked for a restart. Clicked on yes, and the program only closed itself (Was it working as intended? I mean, it had to be started manually, maybe there’s something that causes the restarts). I’m the only (admin) user, and didn’t run “as admin”.

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Basically it should shut down the application and then proceed to install the updates, then restart the application again. Do you have any antivirus software running?

Yes, the Security Essentials by MS.

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Hm… Okay thanks, I can test with that too.