Missing jme3test.network.sync package!

Hi guys! Today I decided to do some research in how to implement physics in a multiplayer game. I started by searching for it in the forum, and I found this thread here. And there was an answer like this:

Look at jme3test.network.sync in JME3 Examples for synchronization :wink:

I decided to look for it, but it’s not there anymore. Can someone tell me where to get that package, or another good example?



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Thanks, but that is not exactly what I want. There was supposed to be a “sync” package inside it.

That thread is from 2011… if there was a sync package then it was probably removed when Spider Monkey was rewritten to actually work.

Network synching of physics is one of the more non-trivial problems there is. There is certainly no one-size-fits-all solution. I have a library that I’m working on but it is not ready for release.

To understand why it’s tricky and what the half-dozen tradeoffs are, I recommend reading these articles:

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@pspped thanks for the reply! I already read those two articles before posting the thread. I just want to know a simple way to coordinate physics. I’m not going to send to every computer the physicsSpace 20-30 times a second! The lag compensation, input prediction and entity interpolation are problems that are not going to affect my game a lot. I’ll work on them later, when I start to “polish” the game.

I think I’ll make another thread about how to coordiante physics in multiplayer…

How many objects do you have? How many players?