Missing many menu label on Jmonkey IDE


I downloaded and installed Jmonkey IDE from your website couple days ago. I also clicked and installed all from “Check for Updates”.
However, I noticed that I am missing many menu labels as you can see from the screenshots. If I move the mouse over the missing labels, I would be able to read them. The image that I attached is captured from the menu “View”.

I hope someone can help. The details of my laptop is below.

OS: Linux Mint 18 with the kernel Linux 4.4.0-21-generic
Graphic Card: NVIDIA Corporation – GeForce 7000M / nForce 610M/integrated/SSE2
Driver Version: 2.1.2 NVIDIA 304.131

Which version of sdk did you download? If 3.0 go and download latest 3.1.

Are you running your OS in some language that doesn’t use roman letters?

It was couple days ago. I will download and reinstall it with a new one now.

I am using Linux Mint 18, which I installed as English (US) layout. I am sure I have roman letters.

Which version of sdk did you download? If 3.0 go and download latest 3.1.

Okay, from your website, I only see JMonkey 3.0 Release JME sdk 3.0.10 · jMonkeyEngine/sdk · GitHub. Could it be that someone forget to update the installer to the new one?

This one:

It works now. The new SDK is super colorfull.

May I ask the new SDK is based on what version of Netbeans?

Well we should have never released a stable tag because now people think the other releases are terribly broken.

It is nb8.1 with our custom theme. What you See is a netbeans bug under Linux. You can also use a custom theme with the Old sdk or revert the current release to the Old style if it works.

Thank you.

I was able to build the master branch of both the engine and the SDK against Netbeans 8.2. So far, so good. Will report if I see any issues.