Missing ScreenContoller

Allright, I think I fixed it but I don’t know why :slight_smile:

I deleted the method


and put the following lines from the nifty tutorial into my xml file:

[xml]<nifty xmlns=“http://nifty-gui.sourceforge.net/nifty.xsd





It still says that there is a missing screencontroller for screen [null], but that doesn’t matter, if I click the label, the method is invoked.

However, I used the element panel again and not control, I think I need to install an add-on first.

Again, thank you for working on that problem.

I would refer to a blog post that explains the XML validation but that is an old post and for Nifty 1.3 you should use a different xsd url. But that is even more complicated and so I’ll just keep my mouth shut to not confuse you any further… :wink:

I find why it`s not working:
1.screenController class must be have an empty constructor method
2. in nifty xml file and in screen tag you must use Lowercase letter for first letter of controller=“package.test” not Controller=""