Missing SimpleJMEApplet in CVS?

I was looking at the wiki tutorial on how to use jME in an applet:


But I cannot find the package com.jmex.awt.applet.SimpleJMEApplet.

I’m not sure if maybe I’m just jumping the gun on something that hasn’t been checked into the CVS or what, but I definetly want to try out this JMEApplet stuff!! I remember doing some JOGL applet stuff before and it’s kinda cool to show off to people, when you don’t feel like putting together a JNLP webstart (or in my case never learned how).

That's a bit of our fault (NCsoft), we made use of the jME wiki for some internal documentation when we have not yet released this functionality. Hell, LWJGL doesn't even officially support this yet, either. That being said, LWJGL did the hardwork, we just worked closely with them for the feature, so it shouldn't be much trouble for us to donate the applet class (or talk another developer on creating one).

Haha I hope this won't stop us from getting anymore juicy jME wiki information…consider my remarks stricken from the record!!

The hard part is with an application so visually oriented yet so mathematically and real-time oriented how do you verify the correctness of it.

Tell me about it, it's a tough problem to overcome.

We might need to write our own unit test framework sort of like JFCUnit?