Missing texture


im new to jme and also java in general, hope this is the right section to post,

anyway i managed to install jme and make the tests run fine on a computer following the getting startd guide;

but when i did it on a second pc which i need to use, following the same steps, with every test i get a missing texture warning and the texture is not visualized

this is the warning:

co.jme.util.TextureManager loadTexture

warning: Could not load image… URL was null. defaultTexture used.

can any1 please help me to fix this ?

Sure, that just means you have an improper path.  Do a

System.out.println( path )

(where path is your path) or possibly just debugg it (this way you can change it on the fly :))

For what it's worth:

I've had "Missing Texture" today when experimenting with some of my own textures. I could solve it by refreshing Eclipse. This was because i copied the texture into the source tree via Windows Explorer but it wasn't visible yet in the Eclipse Package Explorer.

I'm really sorry basixs if you were responding to my(deleted) post, it works now and I think it's not even worth to be post here since my mistake was stupid. What I did is to update rootNode's render states after loading the texture (didn't remember it was also requested for texture loading  ).

Thanks for your help anyway.

lol, no worries :slight_smile:

maybe look at the texture format, I think there is an issue with the guess_format parameter.

I like putting all my textures into a jar file, then including the jar file.  It makes texture loading a little easier, maybe it will help…