Mobile phone Game Engine

Hi, I am new in Mobile App dev.But a Mobile App development contest is going on in our neighborhood and I want to make a 3d game for this contest.

But, the problem is that, I have game dev experience in pc but, not in Moblie.So, I am a bit confused.I have searched for mobile game engine, but there was no satisfying result.So, i was wonder about Java and OpenGl, and stumbled on this site.

Is jMonkey is good for mobile platform development?If it is where do i start and what will be the requirement from that particular device?

Ig jMonkey is not applicable for Mobile App development then, what else might help me?

Does, Windows Moblies(HTC) has build in OpenGl support where jMonkey will run?

N.B. iPhone is not allowed in this contest.

jME is not supported on Windows Mobile (btw, Java support for WinMo is not the best).  jME is starting to see some use on Android with version 3 though…

I haven't heard of much in the way of 3D engines for the platforms and a quick search online didn't really find anything compelling… sorry :confused:

Symbian devices also be not support JME3?

greycardinalrus said:
Symbian devices also be not support JME3?

Afraid not, no. Does Symbian have any market share at all at this point?

Symbian devices use C++ AFAIK

You can still run J2ME on it

erlend_sh said:
Does Symbian have any market share at all at this point?

Symbian Q3 2010 36.6%
Android Q3 2010 25.5%
Apple iPhone Q3 2010 16.7%
RIM Q3 2010 14.8%
Windows Mobile Q3 2010 2.8%
Linux Q3 2010 2.1%
Other Q3 2010 1.5%


I would hardly say that it is dead. It is feeling worse - "As end of 2010, Android surpass Symbian sold by 32.9 and 31.0 million respectively" and the the trend probably will continue, but at the moment I would not yet forget about it. Which doesn't of course mean that jme3 should be ported to it ;)

Oh right, Symbian is the Nokia one. I read that article about Android surpassing them too. I must’ve been thinking of Maemo, the one that merged with Moblin to create MeeGo. Still, it seems MeeGo is the new Nokia platform for smartphones, while Symbian is indeed being phased out.