Modal support... committed--will update plugin this evening

So, to show something as modal (note: the element must be currently hidden):

Element.showAsModal(boolean showWithEffect);

To set the background properties:

screen.getModalBackground().setColor(ColorRGBA color, boolean useSeparateAlpha);
screen.getModalBackground().resetColor(boolean useSeparateAlpha);
screen.getModalBackground().setAlpha(float alpha);

There is nothing else to do, the modal background is managed on element hide, etc.

Also note, the modal background is dynamic and will update according to your screen dimension changes.

I’m sorry, but what is “modal” (in this context, of course)?

@tuffe said: I'm sorry, but what is "modal" (in this context, of course)?

If you display a window as modal, all other gui components behind the window are non-interactive until the window (or whatever) is closed.