Model .3ds and collision

I learn to use collision with simple figures, but when I import my .3ds model (type Node) this become a bit difficult.

I create a StaticPhysicsNode and then attach my model as a child. If I traslate or rotate the PhysicsNode all collision works correctly, but if i move his child (the model) it seems trasparent and I have no collision!..maybe this is normal…

to explain better i have:

Node node;
StaticPhysicsNode staticNode;

"node" take the .3ds model via MaxToJme, and then I have


in the update method I do something like:

q.fromAngleNormalAxis(FastMath.DEG_TO_RAD*2, new Vector3f(0,0,1.0f) );

The problem is that when I move "node" the LocalRotation is correct, but when I move the staticNode it follows another can I import directly my model as a StaticPhysicsNode and move it directly?...there's something else??
thank you all! :)

Switch on the physics debugger to see what's going on.

The call to generatePhysicsGeometry create independent collision geometries. When you move the visual geoms afterwards the collision stuff is not updated. So, yes, this is 'normal'. One could program an updatePhysicsGeometry, but it does not exist yet. One would need to store the dependency between visuals and physics as well.

If you are about to program such a thing, be warned: moving physics stuff by just changing translation and/or rotation can have unwanted effects, as the physics simulation does not expect you to do so.