Model animations transitioning (noob question)

hi there!

first but not last post here :smiley:

Let's see. Me and some friends are still in the design phase of a minor rpg game. This is going to be our first 'serious' game, so we're a bit lost… This means I'll be forced to ask more than once ^__^U

1.- I'd thank you if you could shed some light on the matter of transitioning animations in jme. We want to have characters whose faces express their feelings and any change in these feelings make the face of the model smoothly transition to the right expression. I've looked through the jmetests and seen only single animation samples; I mean, the models loop through one or multiple animations, but don't mix them up… Is this possible in jme…?

2.- What if I wanted to have Mr.Potato-like characters? They would have a face-less model, where you'd 'stick' the eyes, mouth… Would it be easier this way to change expressions…? Is this even achievable with jme? I have thought of using a TextureState only for the face, and use its setTexture() to load sad, angry, happy faces.

Thank you in advance!