Model, AssetManager and CameraNode

Hey guys!

It’s me, again. What I’m trying to do is, load a “Colt” Weapon Model, using a AssetManager and put it in a CameraNode. So, in my Colt class, I have am method called loadModel():

[java]private void loadModel()


assetManager = null;

assetManager = JmeSystem.newAssetManager(Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader().getResource(“com/jme3/asset/Desktop.cfg”));

model = assetManager.loadModel(“Models/Weapons/Colt/Colt.j3o”);


And in my Player class, I’m doing this way:

[java]Colt c = new Colt(100, 7);

camNode = new CameraNode(“Weapon”, cam);

Spatial weapon = c.getModel();


(The “Colt” class either the player class are already tested. The problem strars when trying to add this code)

My problem is that the model does not shows!

Any reason why? Maybe I’m missing something really simple, I don’t know.

Thanks in advance, borba.


Te scene already have light.

Probably the colt is too close to the camera to be visible, move it around a bit and you might see it then.

But I don’t know the exact colt coordinates of player’s front!

I’ve already tried diferent coordinates, but nothing seems to work!