Model becomes too bright when apllying a normalmap

It’s hard to me to explain this in this language. In a nutshell, simple cube or plain I made gets 100% specularity on illuminated faces by directional light. Nomrmlamap was applied in jme gui material editor. I can see my model becomes bright in jme model viewer. When I load a model to game I see my model looks good, but when I add shadow renderer my model becomes bright again as in scene explorer and no specular is reflected. What’s it and how it could be fixed? I want to use normalmap to get perpixel spucalsr

thx :grinning:

Did you use the TangentBionomialGenerator on it? (or where those generated in the modeling application?)
If not normal maps wont work correctly.

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You have to use TangentBinormalGenerator(mesh); to make normals work :smiley:

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