Model collision problem

I'm writing a small game base on jme engine. It's very interesting but my poblem is:

I loaded 2 models: a stadium model (stadium.3ds) and player model (player.3sd). Them i want my character move around the stadium but must stop went meet a wall. So i try some collision detection. Here is my code (inside update() method):

results= new TriangleCollisionResults();

You're checking only bounding collisions. change the hasCollisionMethod to


and be sure that updateGeometricState has been called for both models

when i change the hasCollision method to:


then nothing happen when i meet walls (i tried to use updateGeometryState() in update() method, but nothing happen)

sorry wrong method(not updateGeometricState

you call the updateCollisionTree() when you load the models

Node myNode = loadModel();

i tried but nothing happen. I also add:

scene.updateGeometricState(interpolation, true);

in update() method.
And method updateGeometricState need 2 @para: updateGeometricState(float time, boolean initiator), could you show me how to use this method and 2 @para.