Model design

ok, i have 3ds max 6 and i have a number of models avaialbe for my game, just the polygon count for the models are to high and when they are in the game, it cant run, is there any way of reducing the polygons using 3ds max 6, i got these models of the net and im very new to 3ds max


I would suggest taking your question to a 3DS forum where you're likely to find more help. :wink:

Probably a good idea… but as a general point, most modellers have a "decimate" or "simplify" method that will reduce polygon count by merging verts, a bit like ClodMesh. Bear in mind that the results aren't always optimal, and can interfere with animation etc, since you may well want a lot of small, apparently pointless polygons near joints - the decimation algorithm may not know they are there to make joints deform smoothly, so it may just dump them.

I was actually looking at using ClodMesh instead of Blender's built-in decimate, because Blender's algorithm loses UV mapping and possibly other vertex data during decimation, so it might actually make sense to export very high polygon original meshes from blender, then import them, use ClodMesh to reduce them to a sensible maximum polygon count, and export them to .jme. I don't know whether anyone has tried anything similar in the past? Then I just need to write a high-poly to normal map converter as well, for that Unreal Engine 3 look :wink: That kind of stuff would be nice in some kind of enhanced ModelLoader type app that could batch process a lot of source files into finished .jme files and textures, etc :slight_smile:

I'm waiting for you to submit that patch for ModelLoader. :wink: