Model files too large

I've been looking on the net for 3d models, most of the ones i like are more then 2mb bigs, how do you guys manage to have such high detailed models at low sizes? Is there something i am suppose to do first with the models? Thanks in advance for ne help :smiley:

Basically, look to keep your triangle count as low as you can (while keeping your visual quality at an acceptable level) and use textures and other techniques, such as bump mapping, or per-pixel lighting to provide your detail.  I've seen some very nice looking monster models that only had 400 or so triangles.  Also, converting your models to .jme format with BinaryExporter will help get that file size down even further.

i dled the 3rd party conversion tools and the outcome .jme file are always larger then the original .3ds, however load times are much better. Thanks.