Model import

As far as I know the supported import format is OGRExml. Are there any plans to add other formats?

By the way, I followed the developpment of jMP since a couple of weeks an d I think it could turn up as a GDE for non programmers like myself.  :wink: Go ahead!

a GDE for non programmers

I doubt that....

Obj support is coming soon to jMP, but jME will always require programming skills, even with jMP it will not be a "point&click game creator".



Most any engine is going to require at least some level of programming, even if it is just scripting, to make anything more than a scene that one can fly through.

Obj support is coming soon to jMP

OK, thanks for replying.  :)

Most any engine is going to require at least some level of programming...

I know that for sure. I am not thinking about complex games.

I think it would be a great idea to make a development tool for jmonkey easier. Something like unity or as unreal engine. as the casual gaming market requires faster development and less cost.

On the other hand, I do not like jmonkey it works only with ogrexml, should make it compatible with other formats such as more owners. 3ds blend or full-featured animation and I mean everything.

but I’m going to start developing one’s own environment and easier to jme (even if it means limiting the developer a little)

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Well there could certainly be plugins for jMP that allow creating simple jump and run games or something similar using a UI but its not something that the core developers put much focus on right now. Still, user-created jMP plugins arr surely welcome :slight_smile: