Model is 1.8f size! can i zoom it to 180f? so it good for Frame synchronization

model is 1.8f size! can i zoom it to 180f ? so it good for Frame synchronization! Is there a performance problem?

I’m unsure what you mean by “zoom” here.

  1. You can reduce the camera’s field-of-view angle so that the model renders 100x larger in the viewport.
  2. You can move the camera 100x closer, provided you adjust the near and far clipping planes.
  3. You can scale the model to be 100x larger, using Spatial.scale()

None of these should have any effect on frame synchronization.
None of these will cause a performance problem, as far as I know.

yes i am use Spatial.scale()! and use int to replace float in my game logic!for reduce out of sync!

This doesn’t make any sense. Why would scaling a model help with sync issues?

Did you check the flux capacitator?

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too much post say frame synchronization need use fixed-point number! i am novice!

This is old school. Relying on a fixed rate is solved by multiplying by tpf.

If increasing or decreasing frame rate changes the speed of the game you’re doing it wrong. Please allow yourself to learn.

If you read this somewhere then you either misunderstood this, it’s from the 1980s, or it’s nonsensical garbage.