Model loading framwork

@deus, the problem with the freelancer configuring is people alter their boosters so significantly (externally to the game) they can blast you into oblivion and be half way across the map before you'd know it - online.  Thats seems dreadfully unfair to me, especially for those who do not cheat by altering the text files controlling settings - and it means everyone has to cheat in order to have a fair game.  So in the end why give people that opportunity, they'll just abuse it?

I've deleted my post due to going too much offtopic…

Well, I thought it was time for a little update.

I’ve done some more work on the framework and so I have some news.

I’ve renamed a lot of the classes, so if you have already started using it oin some way, sorry about that. But I feel the new naming scheme is much more in line with what the framework does and is.

The main class is now called the ModelFactory and the method used for loading an object is modelInstance.

Other then just renaming a bunch of stuff, which is a big change, but not all that interesting. I also made some advancement in the way you can load your models. I now have 3 ways to load your models.

1- One model at a time. You can still use the first way of loading models, just call the modelInstance method and supply it with a Porperties object.

2- XML, works similar to the first one, but now you just supply an XML file (either as an input stream or as a filename) and that file then contains all the parameters of all the models you wish to load.

3- Directory based. This last one was added both as a performance boost and to please all you security people. Here you just supply a directory on the filesystem and the DirLoader will load all the files in that directory that have the extension .jmod. The reason I use the .jmod extension is that this is the same extension I use for caching the Spatial objects in the first 2 methods. To use the third method you can just start with one of the other two, and then just supply the cache directory with your final product.

I also have plans to incorporate a ZipLoader. This will load all the models from an archive file, which should save some roon in your distribution.


PS. I’ve uploaded the latest source code to my website again: