Model loading request

sime time when i'm load model if model textures can't be  found it's crash

so what i'm wont :)))

1 don't crash if textures not found

2 load model and say loader where his can found it (some time textures in model point to wrong place :((( )

The latest code in cvs (as of late Friday) should put a default "Missing Texture" in the place of the any missing textures.  That may help you.

tnx, i'm try and write results :slight_smile:

another type request :slight_smile:

they seeking texture any in place what point in file.

maybe exist way point some class (TexturePathHandler) and it's can load texture file, generate texture file and some other process?

it's can be local for 1 model loading or singleton :slight_smile: any way it's be great helpfful (for me=) )

public interface TexturePathHandler {

    public Texture loadTexture(String path);


Check out the static methods in TextureKey. It's not local per model but global… but you can set any path you like.