Model positioning in custom viewport state

I’m trying to make a viewport that contains a model in it. But I don’t quite understand the model positioning. My viewport state is from this: Can I render an object ontop of everything, but under gui? - #18 by pspeed (but Updated for changes to JME3)

After attaching the state all I call is this:

geoBox.setLocalTranslation(0.5f, 0.5f, -0.5f);

The geoBox is just a simple wireframe box. No matter where I position it I can’t see it. I’ve confirmed it renders in the normal rootNode.

If the viewport is sharing the same camera settings then the positioning should be the same as in the regular viewport. Can you paste your actual viewport setup code and stuff? Maybe just your whole app state?

Turns out it was just really hard to get it positioned right, but I kept adjusting the variables until I could see it.