Model Tangent/Bitangent(binormal) Generating

Hey guys I was wondering how JME handles seamless tangent generation?

The reason I ask, is that I have managed to generate smooth(ish) tangents and binomals along seams from a WaveFront OBJ and place it into a new optimised mesh. I was wondering if JME is able to do this yet. Because last time I checked seams were still visible, along texture seems even if a smooth normal was located at the vertex.

Anyway if JME has already got this supported just ignore this post. Otherwise Im more than happy to contribute code.

There was indeed an issue like that in the jME2 tangent/binormal generator.

It was fixed by Lex in the jME3 version, he added some smoothing there. See the test class jme3test.light.TestTangentGenBadUV for the generator operating on model with discontinuous UV coords.