Model tearing when load j3o in multi threads

A huge mesh. Seem like vertex buffer deranged.
I’m using 3.1 alpha 2.

So it doesn’t happen single threaded?

If it’s a problem that only happens with threading then your doing something wrong with your threads.

Thank for your answer! :blush:
Is there any bug when load j3o by BinaryImporter in multi thread?
Or fixed something after 3.1 alpha 2?

There shouldn’t be… but why are you using AssetManager?

I don’t know… alpha 2 is super old.

But loading things from multiple threads has always worked fine for me if I take care not to add them to the scene graph from the other thread. (And then “hands off” once I have.)

Edit: also you haven’t confirmed that this only happens in multithreading. It’s quite likely your problems have nothing to do with threading but we don’t and we don’t know if you know.

I forget to say this phenomenon is relatively low probability. And every time the tearing model is not same.

Then you have definitely messed up how you are doing your threading then. The thread is somehow still modifying the data when it’s being attached to the scene or something.

That’s all in code we can’t see so it will be up to you do debug your threading problems, I guess.

Simply don’t use BinaryImporter, use the (or an) AssetManager.