Model Texture Help

Hey everyone, how are you?

now i got this problem, i’am trying to put a texture in my model using UVW map in 3d studio max and that’s happen:

this white lines Oo

Heya, could you please provide some more detail?

What are the uvw map settings, how does the texture looks like and is that screenshoot preview from jme or 3ds max?

I can only shoot atm, don't you have uvw set to Face mapping? Or using real world map size?

What's there in the middle of the model?

this image is from 3d studio max, i’am not using a real scale world, and its to face.

here is the image of the texture: is just to test:

and because is just a test i’am using normal mapping just front and back.


No idea, sorry never encountered similar problem, but if you solve it, could you please post it here?

holy crap ^^ ok, if i can solve i will post np.

but you can tell me how you create your textures? to see here if work?


If I'm having something simple to texture I put UVW map modifier and set it to planar/box/sphere/face depending which one is needed. More difficult stuff I map using unwrap UVW takes a bit more time but gives big control over texturing.

Good luck :slight_smile: