Model to Blockworld, wich blocks are blocked

Well I have a cubeworld to build ships with.
The blockworld accept instead of just cubes abitrary models (eg a gun turret)
Currently I have to hand code a list of vectors that are blocked in local space view.

eg for a 2x1x1 model (center at the left cube) I have to make
blocked.add(new Vector3f(0,0,0));
blocked.add(new Vector3f(1,0,0));

Now I try to figure out a way to automatically generate this from the models:

Boundingvolume → Cannot use, imagine a donut in the middle there are free cubes
Vertex Walking and marking all cubes with one inside as blocked → will not work if large faces are present, as this would result in holes.
JMe rays inside each cube (a few samples) → will only work on the outside cubes, as the ray will only hit triangles, but not model inside space.
decompose to convex parts, then use bullet rays → should work, but is really much overhead for this.

Anyone better/alternative ideas ?

What is the result you want? I’m still not sure why you are doing this.

I haven’t touched Cubes in a while, but I wrote a similar test application modelling models with blocks - I used rays, not sure if I supported holes inside models, just wanted to throw this in here in case someone needs it:

I remember someone using this scene with the dragon as a base for his own lightning system test:

a) I build greatly simplified collisions for the ships, based on blocks
b) the shipeditor validation uses this data to ensure that you are not building overlapping objects