Models from "Asset Packs" not visible


I’ve imported all 3 asset packs, using the Asset Browser. And then added a few to my project. To my surprise, I see the .j3o files under “assets\Models”, and the PNG files under something like “assets\3d_objects\creatures…” but no mesh or material or anything else. I even checked with the Windows Explorer to be sure the SDK did not just “hide” them. I can load the j3o files, but it is invisible. I can see it, if I replace the material with the “ShowNormals” material. So it seems to be a material import issue.

Could anyone else confirm that the material … of the Online Asset Packs are not imported correctly?

How can I import them “manually”?

The material is in the j3o file… You can create a j3m file if you want. The original ogre files are not copied to your project folder. Maybe you don’t have a light in your scene?

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Thanks. I do have a light, but this got me in the right direction. :slight_smile: I had created a “Lights” Node, and put the light under it, just like I created a “Player” Node for the base, and a “Creeps” node for the creeps, and a “Tower” Node for the towers. It seem the models are only lit if the light hangs directly from the root Node. I assume this is by design, but idk why yet (I think lighting comes later in the book…).