Modifying codes cannot change the outcome

Hi guys,

I just try to use jMonkeyEngine, and picked JMonkeyPlatform as IDE. I copied the codes of samples from the website. But it seems that no matter how i change the codes, the outputs remain the same as the first time i compiled them.

What i did is simply saving the file, right-clicking → Run File. Is that the right way?



Yeah, jMP uses the test classes stored in jMonkeyEngine3.jar when using the right-click method. It should work via the global “run” button, you can also select the class you are working on in the properties so that one gets started when you use the button.

Another way is to simply rename the package of your project (incl. refactoring) then your classes should be used.

This will be fixed some time soon.




I just started running through the tutorials and I’m getting this too. Latest Alpha, doesn’t seem to matter which run button I use, code changes are simply not reflected when you run a class. I’ve also tried deleting everything in the associated build directory and rebuilding, to no avail.



Rename the package or class!

Still having the same problem… Even if I save as a different name, compile using the run menu, or right click method.

Should I reinstall the Platform?

Just update to the latest nightly (see manual), this should be resolved now.

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