Modular pawn character creation - keepin skeletons in sync

If this is the wrong board please move, have anyone ever explored using multiple skeletons with mesh parts to create and manage a character, need advice on designing a system that ensure all the skeletons remain in sync during animations.

anybody…basically what I’m want to do is have all the skeletons that make up my model to be managed by a master skeleton allowing its control to also animate the other skeletons that make up the model .similar to the UE4 master pose component.

tried a few very basic tests but got crashes or no animation on the other models and my other ideas seem cumbersome and just plain bad.

Just make multiple models with multiple skeletons and trigger them in the same frame. If you look for example at the WorldForge models thats how they allow you to combine the base characters with different clothes. Sync works fine this way.

normen, I am not around much a link would be helpful,


nevermind think I found the info I needed