Module files playback? (XM, IT, MOD, etc)

How can I play module music formats? The reason I asking is that modules are usually smaller than ogg/mp3 files and I don’t want my game to weight a tonne (or several hundred MB), so I’d prefer to use smaller music formats to keep size down. I’ve already have several tracks for my game that converted to OGG with bearable quality (but just bearable) have 40 MB all. And I need to pack JME libraries needed by my game too, which (in worst case) are additional 70 mb.

Well I worked on a plugin that can play them, but never finished it. It should actually work if you find a java xm player, and can just forward the output it creates to the jme system. (I got stuck with license stuff since I needed lgpl or bsd) with gpl it shouldn’t be a problem.

There are some Java-based decoders that can play those files.

For example this one:

It should be fairly easy to write an AssetLoader that can use that decoder to get PCM data.

Yeah, I know there are Java libraries for module playback (even FMOD has port, I believe, though I won’t be able to use it commercially), and as last resort I’ll use it with its internal API, but I’d like it to be as compatible with JME as possible.

The thing is, I won’t be able to write custom assetloader for that, as I am yet beginner and can do only basic things (loading modules, perform animations, play OGG/WAV files, etc.)