Monkey Enumerating errors

I’ve been working on a project for a month now but this has really made my progress very slow.

The problem: Every time I type in a number in the Jmonkey IDE, I get a Monkey at the bottom of the IDE enumerating error and slows down or even crashes my IDE after 3k errors. My work around this issue is using notepad to type in number and copy and pasting it to the IDE, works fine that way but as you can see, this is slower and annoying than just typing it in.

Has anyone seen this problem? How can I fix it?

I’ve tried updating the IDE but no luck.

Also, I just tried to upload an image of the problem but this forums won’t allow me to do so since I’m a new member.

I am not sure what you mean by “type in a number in jmonkey IDE”, but there is a bug that gets this behavior when you try to open an scene, the only workaround I know is to close the IDE and re-open.
Since it dont happen so often and the restart is fast its not an issue for me, so it should not slow down your dev progress.
Maybe you have some miss configuration in the number format on the SO ?
Anyway, I hear this bugs was fixed in the version 3.1, maybe you want to download and try it.

Thank you for the reply.

What I mean by typing in a number, it means just that. I can type: int x=1; then the monkey at the bottom starts counting error, or another example, even while making notes: /** today’s date is 8/16**/, it will start counting error and slow down my IDE and I have to close out of the IDE and start it back up.

If I were just to copy ‘1’ in notepad and paste it to : int x=1; no error count. The IDE doesn’t discriminate any numbers, it will start counting errors when I press a number key on my keyboard into the IDE. The problem like I said earlier is that after a minute or so, it has counted 3k+ errors and my IDE is either very slow or unresponsive.

Never heard of this issue, people write numbers in the editor every day. What OS are you on? Do you have any special keyboard mapping things (e.g. media player controls or sth like that) running? Posting the actual error thats shown would also help.

You mean its getting error when you try to add code to your project ?
I never hear anything about this issue, must be something wrong in your env.
I guess you should print some screens or make an video, and input here more details like SO, computer details, any custom configuration you made etc.