Monkey Love


Having played around with JME for a little while, and acheived some remarkably stable and fast results with only a tiny fraction of the blood/tears/curses it'd previously cost me to develop similar things in Java3D, I just thought it'd be appropriate to say - and I'm sure I'll be echoing the sentiment of many JME users here -

I love you JME Devs! :smiley:

Top job!



Is that avatar icon you have there from Pony Luv?  :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, could’ve been I guess - but for the purple hair. Is yours from Super Frog? :wink:


Ok, I read the title of this post and thought of the song "send me an angel".  The reason being, I had a friend who always messed up the words and thought it was "simian angel"… when he would sing it, I always got this image of a little chimp with angel wings floating up on a tv commercial.

so anyway, out of my derangement and back into yours.


PS… yeah I know, my username is gerbildrop… take that!