Monkey-Netty v0.1.0 Released (Update v0.1.2-SNAPSHOT)

Hello everyone,
I am happy to announce that v0.1.0 of Monkey-Netty has been released.
Please checkout the Wiki And Maven Packages

Monkey-Netty can also be found on the jMonkeyEngine’s Store

SSL Support for TCP channel (#5, #6)
Optimize network message transport (#4, #11)
Better logging and enhanced test examples (#9)
Better error reporting on non-serializable objects in a message (#14, #16)
Separation of examples and library, and corresponding dependencies (#22)
Fixed issue where messages would be transferred before connection listeners were notified (#20, #21)
Fixed issue where dropped sockets would not be detected (#10, #23)

A big shoutout to @oxplay2 for amazing help at finding issues and testing stability.


Version v0.1.1 is released:
Fixed concurrency issues with Collections (#31)
Updated Netty.IO to version 4.1.58 (#29)
Updated Gradle to version 6.8.1 (#30)


Version 0.1.2-SNAPSHOT is now available on maven central.
Updated and jme to latest version.