Monkey T-shirt money rasing and COOL

Why don't you have a shop with items you can buy like T-shirts, caps, etc?

It could help you earn money well deserved if you ask me, and would also help with spread the word of jME.

I am imagine a big monkey on a t-shirt would be fun to walk around in.

There are no real excuse to not do this, there are companies offering cheap agreements, that they procedure the t-shirts, and ship them for small money and the rest is yours.

I will buy one right away, I was seeking around the site for one myself Smiley


That sounds like a good idea, but it is really up to the devs to decide.

We've actually discussed an idea like this recently…are there many people that would be interested in buying "monkey-wear"? :wink:


I'd buy one, just of the monkey tho - no text.

I've used before, I believe they have options to set up the shop through their store (they take their fee out of the item sold). Might be worth looking into, if people think they'll buy.

Was actually stuck for xmas pressie ideas for the missus - Do you do an underwear range ??

Yeah, as DF said, we've been kicking that idea around as a way to get people to stop freeloading and actually donate…    (teasing…  :D)  Seriously though we figured, hey if you're getting a t-shirt, mug, mousepad, etc. out of the deal, you might actually kick in a little extra to support the project.  Plus who doesn't want to wear a monkey on their chest?

How about we also create a sweepstake for the next JME competiiton, the last challenge was so beneficial for many and helped to stress test the system

I will totally buy a hat, I wear one almost every day at work and my old one is falling apart.  :slight_smile:

I just told my wife, and she said she would like to have one with the jME logo!  :smiley: That means two for us!  :smiley:

Ok, I'm setting up the store now. I'll start creating the products soon after (need to create logos that fit their templates).

I was thinking that perhaps we could arrange for smart phrases to go along with the shirts… I mean, variants, some with only the logo, some with the logo and smart phrases and some with exclusively smart phrases.

The whole point is to allow the community to create these phrases is desired, and the best ones would make it to a shirt… What do you say?  XD

duenez said:

I was thinking that perhaps we could arrange for smart phrases to go along with the shirts...

good idea - what about this one: "After three days without programing, life becomes meaningless." (Tao Of Programming, The Ancient Masters) - we could alter it to "After three days without jME, life becomes meaningless." :D

I think this is cool idea!

What would also be a good idea would be to actually put some rendered scenes onto stuff, perhaps even make the next competition to render the scene?

Cool, I defiantly buy a t-shirt and some underwear. May I suggest just the monkey logo in the front of the pants, and underwear? with no text.

I don't wanna sound so geeky with the text :slight_smile: hehe.

If you keep the price low, then people can buy more than one, and you earn more totally :slight_smile:

Hope this because relative, already 14posts in like a day NICE!

Make sure you have some stickers.

I would suggest just the monkey, it is such a nice icon :slight_smile: I think many people would buy(also non programmers) since it is a trend to have something funny on t-shirts.

Any idea's on how much the t-shirts will cost?

Ok, just got the shop set up and a few products made. (First cut, more products will be made with further logo features in the future). I tried to keep the price as low as possible, but some things still feel a bit expensive. Most products I only make $1 on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Once people give feedback, etc, I'll put a link to the store on the donate page. And, secondly, don't worry, none of the massive profits will line my pockets, I'll use it to try to get the site a bit faster.

Looks awesome!  XD I didn't seriously think you would get a thong up there, very tempting.