MonkeyMahjongg update

I got finally MonkeyMahjongg running with JME2 (thx darkfrog!)

Now I'm not sure how to update Google Code.

Should I just drop my changes, making the code unusable for JME1 users?

Or should I branch? If yes, how does this works in TortoiseSVN (never did this before), when I have already local changes?

Or any other suggestions?


i'm not sure if a branch is necessary, as there probably wont be any new features added to the jme 1 version right?

I would just tag the current trunk (MonkeyMahjongg_jme1) or something like that, so that users still can check out this version.

And then just update the trunk with the jme 2.0 version.

I don't know TortoiseSVN, but often you can tell the svn client, to just branch or tag on the server, do it wouldn't matter if you did local changes already.

Any other changes in addition to the jME version change?

Thanks for doing it by the way…

@CoreDump: Thanks for the hint!

No, nothing new so far. A little bit cleanup (e.g. killed all FindBugs bugs). One new layout (but it seems to be too difficult to win).

Some ideas what to do next:

  • shadows
  • a semitransparent "table"
  • better highlighting of the selected piece
  • some stats (how many pieces left, how many "open" pairs)
  • level editor (stand alone)
  • alternativer menu systems, e.g. SWT, FengGui etc

    [edit] Commited :slight_smile: [/edit]