MonkeyWorld3D 2.0

Hi to all jME users.

It has finally been completed. We have just release the second version of MonkeyWorld3D.

It has almost been 3 months in the making and now we are proud to announce its release!

We like to thank all the people that helped in this project and thanks, especially to the jME guys

for there hard work on a very impressive and stable gaming engine (Java Monkey Engine)!

For all of those that are interested in downloading it, please visit our new website or go to these links:

Link to new features:

Link to download:


Please also notice that we have included a Linux version of the editor, no more watting for it guys. (Mac will be soon)

We are currently working on the user manual and some tutorials to aid get you up and running in no time with the editor.

Enjoy  :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for this awesome level-editor! I really looked forward to it. :smiley:

Now it's released, what great news!

Unfortunately I sometimes get an ugly VM crash when trying to create any size of hightMap.

I'm running an ATI-Radeon-Mobile-Card, has anyone else similar problems?

Haha, just reminded for a linux version on the other thread before i read this … and there it is :slight_smile:

Hopiu, you may want to increase the memory size, try editing the startup file for this, if thats the erorr that you get (i mean OutOfMemoryException).

if its something else, could you please post the some log.

Their seems to be an issue when you create terrain bigger that 256, but we will see about it.

winkman, yes its finally their, and its woking nice :smiley:

Hopiu said:

Unfortunately I sometimes get an ugly VM crash when trying to create any size of hightMap.
I'm running an ATI-Radeon-Mobile-Card, has anyone else similar problems?

Just as an FYI: Outrunner is working on a solution now.  We've run through several tests and found that 128x128 - and with a quick fix - 256x256 were fine but any higher sapped CPU and Memory and caused the crash.  The change that Outrunner mentions is to change the start of the line in the runme.bat file to the following:

java -Xms512m -Xmx512m

For stability, you could play and test with terrain sizes of 128.

good job i like it just from opening it.  Documentation would put it over the top but I know you guys have your plates full.

Very impressive work!!  Am new to JMonkey but fancied  a stab at 3D stuff so downloaded MonkeyWorld3d a couple of hours ago…  Initial impression is very good and

can see some happy times ahead using it.  (and hopefully creating some 3d Games…).

Only problem so far (after about 2 hrs) is I cant seem to generate terrains, when I click on the Generate button am getting the below exception  (complains about not finding default.jpg…)…  As I said am new to this so chances are am doing something wrong,  will keep on playing around…  In fact, it doesnt seem to find any textures at all (even tho I have the mw3d.jar file and the bitmaps are in there… I assume it is not a classpath problem otherwise the application woudnt start)… Anyway, will keep trying… but if anyone has any suggestions would be nice…

org.eclipse.swt.SWTException: i/o error ( C:jMonk


.jar!datatexturesdefault.jpg (The filename, directory name, or volume label s

yntax is incorrect))

        at org.eclipse.swt.SWT.error(


Firstly, thank you for all the compliments.  I've been in touch with Outrunner and tGiant over the past few months during the 2.0 development and can attest to their hard work; which is now plain to see.

Second, I am working on the updated guide now.  But to get you going here's the quick overview.

By default the grid that shows on the screen is a helper for entity placement.  To create a terrain grid do the following:

  • Go under the Activate drop-down menu and select Level Terrain.

  • Now go under the Level drop-down and select Terrain | Terrain. Texturing the terrain is also under the main Terrain menu.

  • <br>A Terrain Editor menu will display.
  • Click the File drop-down and select New.  Take the default of 128x128 (there is a bug with the others so stick with this for the short-term).

  • Once the bottom of the Terrain Editor reports "Creating terrain, please wait ...
    Terrain page created: 128" you can click the Close button.

  • On the tab menu to the right of the 3D window go to the Terrain tab then click the Tool Settings link (initially this is were you will spend the most time.).

  • Click the Edit Terrain button.

  • Enable the Edit geometry radio dial.

  • You can now RMB (Right Mouse Button) on the terrain to cause hills to appear based on the length the RMB is held.

  • There is a Tool combo box that dictates what action to the terrain will occur when a RMB event occurs.  These actions are: Raise, Lower, Flatten (returns a hill to a plain), and paint.

This should be enough to get you moving and sculpting the terrain.  Keep your eyes on the forum because updates to the guide will announced very soon.

Digitalntburn,  thanks for your prompt reply, appreciate it…  Will defo keep an eye out on the forums for the new guide…I can see MonkeyWorld3d being the little spur I need to get me into JME…  Have always fancied doing a 3D game (in java of course)…  I discovered JME/MonkeyWorld3d about 3-4 weeks ago,  although the previous version of MonkeyWorld3D didnt work on my pc I got the impression the new version would  be impressive  so have been keepin an eye out.  (so far not dissapointed!!).

Yep!  I tried all the steps you mentioned below and works perfectly (i.e. I  can generate a terrain as mentioned with no problems)… Sorry just seen my original post and I dont think I explained it well… The problem I have is not generating the terrain, it is putting a texture on it…  Am guessing that to put a texture on the terrain is to click

the "Texture Layers" link,  click add button (and add your .jpg texture file from the workspace),  and click "generate"…  When I do this sometimes I get "Procedure Texture Genorator" Window pop-up and other times I get the FileNotFound exception as explained in my previous post…

As mentioned before this is my first usage and am just messing around, so maybe not doing it correctly… As soon as the updated guide is out will definitily read this, and when have a better understanding will let guys know if encounter any further problems…

Thx again.

Hi all,

digitalntburn has finished one of the tutorials; its an .avi vedio tutorial, which will give you a bost start on how to use the real time terrian facility on MonkeyWorld3D, other tutorials are being made and we will post the updates as soon as its finished.

Navigate under docs,


Outrunner said:

digitalntburn has finished one of the tutorials

Great tutorial video! It's very informative and easy to understand. I'd really love to see more of these videos showcasing some of the other features of MonkeyWorld3D! Good work  :)


I'm glad you liked it.  Don't worry.  There are a lot more tutorials in production now.  One of which should be posted today with many others trickling in toward the weekend.  One of the final tutorials will be titled 'How to make a video tutorial' so that the community can better share design ideas and new features both of MonkeyWorld3D and jMonkeyEngine.

digitalntburn said:

There are a lot more tutorials in production now.

That sounds great! :)
However, there's still a lot of bugs in version 2.0 of MonkeyWorld3D - some of which make it very hard to use it for anything more serious than just playing around with it!  :(
I hope there'll be a version 2.1 that'll fix some of the errors  :wink:

Please inform us when new tutorials are up, and if a new version is release at some point  :)

That is a great video tutorial. Well done.

have you been looking anythings at the features of freeworld3d? lots of nice stuff there…

Sion, we know that bug in the editor is unignorable, but please

can you specify the bugs you found so that we can get on them

and fix them?

Please, without the communities help, we won't be able to

sort all those unwanted issues?


Hey MrCoder.

Well yes, we have been looking at that application a lot and it is nice.

FreeWorld3D has lots of nice feautes and we try to match them, but we

also has a lot more features than they have, especially when it comes to triggers and dynamic enities

in the world.

We which to implements nice looking water and world features, therefor it would be nice if you could help

us with water effect using your water feature?

Another feature we have is the ability to support any type of level/game.

We did not focus just on terrain, but also terrrain less levels! Like space.


that sounds great…a feature i would really need is texture splatting editing and viewing…really needed for most terrain-based games…

i will submit my water as soon as i can, and help you with integration if needed…

What exactly do you mean by this, because I don't understand?

a feature i would really need is texture splatting editing and viewing