MonkeyWorld3D 2.0

Hi all,

i will submit my water as soon as i can, and help you with integration if needed...

That will be just awsome, your water looks fantastic. and we are realy looking forward for that. Also thanks for the doc, i think its a great help for us, as we were searching to implement this techneique from along time.

Also we have perpared some doc about what we might contribute in the future releases.

1. Ability to define some sort of layers, a layer is a node. Layer
will facilitate the managment of entities, hiding and showing them
(Aid for the level designer), tag them as collidable with other
layers, specify shading attributes on them, ... etc. Layers shall be
simply created and managed via a GUI system.
2. Ability to change the shading attributes on the selected entities,
also easy managment thru Gui controls.
3. When jMe BSP ready, MonkeyWorld3D, will have some sort of wizard
to import BSP stuff, and convert them to managed entities and layers.
4. Ability to add some areas for entities with some attributes, like
forbedden areas.

1. Ability to realy time paint the terrain. Users will have some
terrian texture layers, selecting a layer, will give the user the
ability to paint with that texture on the terrain, also users must be
able to define the paint brush strength, and raduis.
2. Imroving the real time terrian editing, by introducing more
distortion filters.
3. Giving the user the ability to hide and show the terrain for easy managment.

1. The ability to synchronize vegetation spatials when terrian gets edited.
2. The ability to distribute vegetation on terrain automatically.

1. When jMe adds a procedural fog, their will be a fog area entity.
2. The ability to change the day effect smoothly be the designer,
choosing for the level to be played in the noon, or at the morning, or
3. Improved water system, and very customized.
4. If posible with water system, the user tags the shor areas, for a
better look.

Input system:
1. Users must be able to test their game with out exiting the editor,
so basically their will be an option from the menu system ( Test game
) this option will activate the InputSystem that user choosen weather
FPS, or TPS, when user chooses test game, all the debug shapes will
disappear, AI, and Physics, gets activated automatically, as if you
are in the game itself.
2. Ability to customize the input system according to the needs,
attaching key inputs, managing mouse scroll speed ... etc, for both
FPS, and TPS.

Core improvments:
As you know the MonkeyWorld3D, is splitted into to categories, the
Core, and the Gui, the whole idea behind this, is giving the users the
ability to ditch the SWT for the gui system and use what ever they
confortable with.

1.Designer must be able to listen to sounds that they want to include
in their game, the sound navigator must be to play most of the sound
formates that jMe supports.
2. Ability to stream music especialy the background music.
3. Ability to add more than one sound track with some sort of probability.

More verbose behaviour:
1. Users must be able to view all information about the following:
    Texture memory: Amount of memory taken from textures applied currently.
    Geometry memory Amout of memory taken from geometry peices in the editor.

Well its a long list to implement but, this is the initial thoughts about what might come in MonkeyWorld3D. and we are very eager to hear from the community about what they think about this list.We will also post another improved list in .doc formate, digitalntburn prepared something nice also.

So Any Volunteers ?  :D

also digitalntburn has just finished another tutorial about sky box editing.

under docs. <<

Have fun watching it. more comming soon.

Will you guys supply an embedded version, something that can be added to another program and utilised.

you guys are good at documentation, you know who else loves documentation, mojo :smiley:

I haven't had a chance to use the new version yet but I'm really looking forward to it.

Are there any plans of adding support for jME-Physics in the future?


everybody tring to get into monkey world 3d you guys should be proud

tGiantLabs said:

Sion, we know that bug in the editor is unignorable, but please
can you specify the bugs you found so that we can get on them
and fix them?

Please, without the communities help, we won't be able to
sort all those unwanted issues?


Of course! I just figured that since some of the bugs are seemingly so obvious, then you had to know about it. Anyway, here's an (incomplete) bug list I've compiled:

  • The custom sliders really needs to be improved - they are damn hard to use!

  • In the "Preferences" menu, most of the settings seem to be "0.0" - that can't be right? I tried changing the camera settings a bit and the camera ended up at some exterme position.


  • Holding a movement key down and then pressing another movement key at the same time causes movement to stop

  • When re-scaling a shape, it sometimes snaps back to its original size before it can be rescaled

Terrain creation:

  • I can't get "concave up"/"concave down"/+/- buttoms to work - nothing happens

  • The paint settings buttons need descriptions (ie. tag texts)

  • The "Modify"->"Noise terrain" & "Modify"->"Inverse" doesn't work

  • When using "Modify"->"Smooth terrain" it only works if the "Immediate" box is checked. Clicking the "Apply" button does nothing.

  • You might want to put an file extention on the combo list in the "Export heightmap" menu. If "heightmap.bmp" is choosen as a filename, a the heightmap is exported as "heightmap.bmp.bmp" without the user knowing

Editing terrain:

  • The red "editing" circle is not placed where my mouse is

  • Lowering the terrain (at least with a generated terrain) causes the height of terrain in question to be set to zero, no matter what the brush strength is set to.

  • Applying a texture to the terrain is a real pain; Sometimes the texture is applied, and then removed once the terrain is edited again, other times the texture isn't applied, and sometimes the texture is applied on top of the gridded "editing" texture

  • I haven't been able to get the "paint texture" feature to work

  • I still haven't been able to get the "Vegetation layer" feature to work

  • Often, the maximum flatten height isn't enough. For very high terrains for instance. - same with the "Water surface" feature

I guess that's enough for now...  :)
darkfrog said:

Are there any plans of adding support for jME-Physics in the future?

hehe, you really did not look at it  XD - they have physics support!

sorry for not looking this up myself but can we set are own controls in monkey world 3d i'm kinda use to maya so like ctrl-left click to translate camera, general mouse look for free look, and ctrl-right to zoom in and out apon mouse drag.  Ya again sorry to not look into this myself,  go monkey world 3d  :smiley:

Irrisor, doh…my fault. :slight_smile:

Just a further point to how cool MW3D is and how much I look forward to trying it out. :-p


We have with jMonkey Engine a phenomenal gaming foundation from which to build our games.  It is interesting to see the feature list that 0.9 introduced and then to think of the stuff slated for 0.10 it's just getting better all the time.  However, the features themselves don't make the engine great but rather how accessable the components of that engine are for the practical development of a game.  We can see this very vividly in the Flag Rush tutorials.  MonkeyWorld3D fills a much needed gap that many engines - especially open source ones - just don't have.  One thing that attracted me to these forums was discussions about various level editors; which rarely had two releases and none contained the functionality, bugs and all, that MonkeyWorld3D does.  Yes, bugs exist.  Now let's fix them. 

My hope with the video tutorials is to focus on the core working pieces of the editor while showing areas that could use a little extra shine.  This accomplishes two objectives: first, people who are scanning the web researching engines, Java, game dev, etc will have a much better view of jMonkey Engine with a video as opposed to a static screenshot, and second, to encourage others to get active in the development of MonkeyWorld3D.  There is no reason why, in the long run, we cannot compete with Garage Games.

2005 was a great year for the Monkey.  On July 25th of this year tGiant announced MonkeyWorld3D to the jMonkey Engine community; even labeling it as an alpha.  Since that day jME has released 0.9 and tGiant and Outrunner have worked very hard at keeping the editor development progressing and updating the source for 0.9 compatability.  In less than six months they have extended MonkeyWorld3Ds original design and released a second build (the work on terrain editing and vegetation alone is worth a release).  We all know that long times between releases and communication is seen by the world as a stagnant project.  These forums are clear signs that a thriving community exists.  So I encourage you to be involved in the advancement of the editor and engine. 

To close this year out on a high note there are a lot of video tutorials currently in production (not to sound like Peter Jackson or anything).  As I mentioned above the real-time terrain editing is extremely nice.  So the first videos will focus on the terrain related features.  Tomorrow morning the second tutorial in the terrain series will be released to cover smoothing.  This smooth tool is by far my favorite.  Additionally, the videos for terrain texture and vegetation are scheduled to be completed tomorrow as well.

To everyone who has ever helped with jMonkey Engine and MonkeyWorld3D I offer sincerest thanks for all of your hard work.

Patrick said:

sorry for not looking this up myself but can we set are own controls in monkey world 3d I'm kinda use to Maya so like ctrl-left click to translate camera, general mouse look for free look, and ctrl-right to zoom in and out apon mouse drag.  Ya again sorry to not look into this myself,  go monkey world 3d  :D

This is something that we discussed but that was never able to make it into this release.  The way the conversation was going a section in Preferences would have SWT fields or a table that would allow custom key/action binding.

What I like about the current MW3D control is that my right hand doesn't have to be taken off the mouse very often (I understand the leftie argument so...).  W,A,S,D controls the camera moves through the 3D scene, locations allow quick portals to opposite sides of the map, and RMB / MMB controls the camera pan and elevation actions.  Oh, and the mouse wheel now lets you incrementally zoom in and out.  No, it's not Maya...but neither is its price tag.  :)

Very well put digitalntburn!


Well what can I say other than, thank you for those nice

words digitalntburn and also thank you in advance for the

very nice video tutorials.

It has been a few years that I have been with jME developing in it and I must say

it has evolved into something that became part of my life!

After 3 efforts of writing a level editor, I think we finally got it with MonkeyWorld3D and

I am very proud of it.

Thanks to all support!@ :smiley:

Hey everyone.  Just wanted to let you know that I've finally gotten the compressions right for the video tutorials so from now on they will be 800x600 or 640x480 with zip sizes at or lower than 5.7 MB.  Plus the audio is louder.  These better sized vGuides should be up on the MonkeyWorld3D Source Forge site soon.

Hy everyone, when i try to use terrain level it becomes too slow that i have to close it. The debug file has this line a lot of times:

24/12/2005 10:59:36 com.jmex.physics.PhysicsWorld update

WARNING: Maximum update interval is 1 second - capped.

What's wrong? Thanks and sorry my english.

what's your pc spec and what size heightmap are you using, if its 512 you'll want to export and rescale it, 128 is best at this point but that will improve trust me! :slight_smile: as differrent sizes yield differing results depending on your settings

you should note that 512 maps aren't really viable in realtime (for now)  unless you have a shit load of memory… I use them to crop height data for custom maps

My pc: Atlhon xp 1900, 512mb, ati radeon 9200 and i trying to use the default option, 128x128.


Congratulations to the team behind MonkeyWorld3D! Hopefully you continue working on the project in the next year!  :smiley:

(Have you looked at my bug-list?)