MonkeyWorld3D and Physics 2 and little BUI

Hi all, well its been a long time I know, but sorry for that, me and my partner really don't have that much time to give for the editor, so things are really slow those days.

But … little progress with the last week or so, two things that are in their really early stage and might not be so much of an attention for the users of the editor.

  1. Jme Physics two integration with the editor: now you can play with physics in the editor, in a very smooth way, Physics now have its own editor, but its still an extension of the Spatial Editor, which is their in the editor right now. So basically you can do almost anything with the physics that you could previously with the Spatial editor, including managing states, attach particles to the physics nodes, textures, materials … . Here is a brief list of what is supported right now in the editor  :

  a. Create StaticPhysicsNode, DynamicPhysicsNode, Joints, Axes.

  b. Create static, and dynamic mesh to be added to static, and dynamic nodes.

  c. Ability to manage the attributes of the DynamicPhysicsNode, addForce, Torque, linear velocity, … << well most of those attributes.

  d. Ability to manage the attributes of the Joints, their anchor.

  e. Ability to add axis to a joint, translational, and rotational axis.

  f. Structured outline view of the parent node, which means that all the nodes, that are static and dynamic will appear in that node, and will be shown as they have to be, I mean you will be able to distinguish between those and the regular nodes. Also this outline view will show you all the joints currently installed in the system, plus their nodes, and axes, with the ability to choose those with the properties view showing their attributes.

  g. Menu for that content outline view, from their you will be able to make the creation of the most of the physics attributes that you will need.

  h. Properties view that will not only show the properties of the Dynamic, or static physics meshs, but also will show you most of the states properties, and transformation, that is used in the spatial editor. So the best of both worlds.

  i. Ability to save, and load physics worlds.

  j. Command stacked operations, but not all thu.

Well still their might be something that I have just missed but check it out its all in the SVN, and I will really love to get some feedback about this, I believe that It might evolve into something really great for the jme physics users.

  2.Bui simple editor:  Well its far from being usefull

For the physics editor:  Added the Axis Properties section, now you can manage the axis added to a Joint.

I will try to keep you informed about the latest additions.


Regarding the physics editor.

  1. The ability to drag and drop a dynamicphysicsnode to a joint, from the content outline viewer on the right side of the editor.
  2. correct behavior when creating a new PhysicsNode ( static or dynamic ) to roll back the changes.

Rather simple update for the physics editor:

  1. Ability to assign and change the material for a physics node. Simple update to the physics material section, and the if the physics node contains material it will show in the content outline view. Here it will always show because all of the node have a default material.

  2. Added physics editor action, that will play/stop the physics update, which will give you more update upon the physics world.

    All in SVN.

    Hope you like it.

Another update :D,

  1. New wizards to create new file ( .jme ) and open it with physics directly, so you don't have to create a new spatial, and then try to open it with physics editor. First select the project and choose new, then choose the physics.
  2. Wizards as well to create a new BUI directly.

    3.  New editor for managing environment, still in a very early stages, their is also a wizard that will lead you through creating terrain pages, and or sky box, and sky dome. Still we don't support changing the terrain after its created.
  3. Some fixes, and small additions.

    All in SVN.