MonkeyWorld3D movie :D

Hi all,

A first try to make a movie for our editor, this movie show how you can deal with spatials, single selection, multiple selection, and movement, plus alignment.

Its a demonstration about what is going to be in the upcoming release. So the code is all in the SVN.

Hope that you will enjoy it.

thats pretty cool

Hi all,

A new simple movie about how to create particles in the editor, its still the first part, and didn't show all what you can do with particles :D, I will try to make it better to illustrate on how you can mix all of the facilities together. Still particles can come together with spatials, and physics, which will result in a great stuff.

Here is the link

Hopefully you will enjoy it.

This is awesome!  Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

Hi all,

Here are another simple movies about the upcoming release, the first one is about the state management in the editor, and how easy to apply and clone it via the drag and drop facility.

The next movie is about the selection with gizmos, part two, now we have the free movement tool, plus the gizmos to manage the transformation of the spatials in the editor. We can actually use the free movement tools to fast clone the spatials in the editor, just by holding the CTRL key.

The third movie is rather a simple one, it show that the editor just supports jme physics 2.

Hope that you will like them.

Forgive me if this is a lazy question but I was just curious in what format JMonkeyWorld3d version 4 exports everything.

Does it export code? or some kind of file? and how can JME interpret it?



It saves your file in jme formate, like when you try to import the model in with the binary importer and you convert it to jme file, so basically it can do the following:

  1. If you are in the stand alone application ( RCP version ), you can import files from any file format that are supported in the jMe, like ( .Obj … ) and convert them into .jme formate ( Use the import wizard to do that ). Once the conversion is finished you should see a .jme file in the workspace, double clicking on that file will open it for you in an editor.

    2.If you already have a file with jme format, then just double clicking on it will open.
  2. Saving the file will save a regular jme formate file, the generated file can be used directly in any jme game.
  3. If you use the plug in then its even cooler. Any file that is .jme format will appear with a little monkey :D,  but if its a valid jme foramt, then just double click on that file will open it with our editor, and you start change things, and then save them, in eclipse it self.

    Hope this help.