MonkeyWorld3D new site :)

Hi all,

Well after a long time a new site is their, well, its better than the old one more organized, and more beautiful and very simple. But still there are not so much of a content, as we will be working on that with time, but you might want to use some of the facilities like the forums and the bug tracker that are installed.

I want to thank Vardamir; Vardamir friend for making us the theme ( Peter ), and my friends who have done a great job setting up the site and making the logo. Unfortunatlly my friend didn't have the time to make the migration of the old users up to the new site, so you will need to create a new user :), I am really sorry for this.

Hope that you will like it.

Congratz :slight_smile:

Indeed a very nice looking one and I don't underestimate this impact. :evil:

Thanks guys :D.