MonkeyWorld3D V3.0 M1

Hi all,

  We are proud to announce the first milestone of MonkeyWorld3D version 3.0, this is the first milestone release that we believe its stable for users to try it.

  Version3 contains a major enhancements in the look and feel of the editor, as well as the core model, and the editor management.

Here is some list of the newly added features of this release:

  Geometry, and entities editing:

  1. Entities have been cleaned up a lot, they are more light weighted.

  2. More entities types, like flags.

  3. New way of creating primitives, which is much easier for the users.

  4. Improved controls for managing entities.

  5. Pure geometry editing, comes with layers.

  6. Enhanced editing for both, entities, and geometries.


  1. Added terrain splatting.

  2. More improved editing options.

  3. More advanced terrain vegetation.

  4. MrCode awesome water, but no guarantee to work with the high end systems.

  5. Simple terrain outliner.


  1. Added another option of creating a new binary level format, now you have the option to use the new jme binary format to save you level, or you can stick with the xml format.


  1.Improved lightning.

  2.Some major bug fixing in other environment controls.

Any many many more.

For more information about this first v3 release, please visit the source forge. At

MonkeyWorld3D - Welcome

For the new and noteworth of this release:

to download this version

Please notice that this version is windows only, we will adding the linux version as soon as we can, also please note that it will run on java 5 or later only.

Thanks all, and feedback is very much appriated.

Thanks to the guys how helped a lot in testing this release.


Cool to see you can now use the binary exporter…

Does this still use the old style SWT integration?

Well done! Looks pretty nice, and i'll be sure to give it a test-drive as soon as i can…

(but can you really call adding of the procedural texture generator as "added terrain splatting"?

Yes llama, the new binary format is way too cool, way too fast, way too compact, its really rocking. Thanks for alot jMe team for adding it.

Does this still use the old style SWT integration?

Almost the same old one, but with the little addition of the new multicanvases, you can have as many rendering canvases as you wish with the editor.

Well done! Looks pretty nice, and i'll be sure to give it a test-drive as soon as i can...

Thanks for the nice words MrCode, I am sure that you will love it.

(but can you really call adding of the procedural texture generator as "added terrain splatting"?  tongue)

Well you can blend textures with it }:-@, (In real time of course)  ;), so up to some extent its texture splatting.

In talking with Outrunner yesterday I realized a new feature that needs to be tossed out to everyone in regards to vegetation.  Plants are culled at a set distance from the camera.  So don't freak out if you create a bunch of vegetation but only see a small portion of them displayed on screen.

where's the source?

Hopefully after some cleanups and docs. Do you want to the source MrCoder ?

just curious :slight_smile: learning by reading

Well, not that much change from the previous sysetm we jsut don’t rely on entities anymore to floresh the Terrain ( Simple Spatials ) and added the distance culling witch we learned from you, as the entities were too expensive, move over its very manageble, which means, you can take every vegetation object and manipulate it in real time

(Click on edit vegetation, and make sure that you select a layer that you want to edit, you will notice some yellow circles around the vegetation object appears while you move the mouse, try holding the mouse and move, the location and the rotation will be under your command, no the terrain command :smiley: ), give it a try, you will really love it.

cool! which culling type did you use?

Your approach, override the draw method in the main vegetation layer. By the way we will try a difference behaviour, didn't think about it yet, but I want the objects to appear with some alpha, with a varied intensity as they zoom out, then they disappear.

yeah, i've done it the simple way through a shader with just

alpha = 1.0 - clamp((zVal - fadeStart) / fadeLength, 0.0, 1.0)

@ outrunner

that looks good where did you get the trees

p.s I had to pm you on the thing we were discussing yahoo acting crazy again

When can we expexct the linux release?

Hi all,

Got time to make the linux version available for download, after fighting with the drivers, and stuff, pulled my hair, but got it hehe.

Here is the dowloadable link

please notice that this version is not that good, it contains alots of bugs and glitches, but its the very best that I can do for now for linux,  don't worry, we promiss to give it more time at the second milestone.

Thanks you all for the patience and enjoy.

Hmm interested in some error output.

I got some Buffer overflow'in maybe given the VM a Xmx400m shoudl be enough.

And be the way thanks a lot for this release :wink:

I will have a look and toy around a little with it.



Hi played around a bit but right now I can it use for production

can I get an complete source version for linux because the cvs version is not complete

regards Sue

Hi all,

Update for the users of the editor, because its really hard to deal with two separate file formats for the levels, we have decided to remove the support for the xml, so please avoid using them as much as possible, choose binary instead of xml. This would really make us move even faster, and will shrink the time for testing also.

We have also added the support the new jme-physics system.

Stay tuned for the next …  8).

Thanks all. 

Hey Sue,

Hopefully we will release the source with the next milestone, we are changing alots of stuff at the moment, of course for better :D.

The current cvs code is very old, its for the first editor release, and alots have been changed since. Their is also the source code as a zip file for version 2 on the source forge, that might help but also too old.