MonkeyWorld3D v4.0.1 RC1

Hi all,

We are proud to announce the release of the MonkeyWorld3D V4 RC1. This release is a huge effort done from Vardamir our new partner in the editor, he was almost behind every update done with it.

Here is a sum of what we have done with this release:


    1.Migration to the new jME release which is RC1.

    2.Adding physics to the Spatial Editor, now you can add physics nodes, joints, axis and other physics related stuff in the spatial editor, save/load them    on the fly, add force, torque … etc. If you were watching the project from the SVN on the sourceforge, you will notice that we previously had the physics as a separate editor, that was causing us a lot of trouble maintaing the physics editor from the spatial editor, while they shared most of the sections in the editor, so its much much better having them at the same code base in the editor, this will also facilitate loading models that contains physics before, so the spatial editor will act smarter and figure out how to show those meshes, and give you the ability to edit them.

    3.Environment editor, which allows you to create terrain and edit it in real time. ( Not so complete ).

    4.Particle management: You can add predefined particles like (fire, snow… etc ) or you can create particles and start managing them on the fly, as in the tutorial that we have posted before. Particles are also built into the spatial editor, so adding particles to your model is a breeze, and when you load a model with some particle, then the editor will be able to sort out those particles in the correct way, and give you the ability to manage them as well.

    5.More sections to edit the physics attributes, missing states, and controllers, and particles.

    6.Better sorting and image icons for the objects that we show on the content outline view. Better icons for particles, controllers, and other stuff.  Also physics nodes show different icons to indicate that they are physics related. Notice also from the content outline you can add joints, static and dynamic physics meshes. Joints are rendered in a spacial way, you will see all the joints in the content outline, and select that joint will expose the section for editing it, and allow you to add rotational/translational axis, also you can drag and drop dynamic physics nodes to those joins, and see then attached on the fly.

    7.Better delete support from the content outline, you can delete not only spatials, but also controllers particles, states …

    8.Enhanced command support in the editor using eclipse command framework.  wooow.

    9.Global copy/past, for meshes.

    10.Selection and hover highlighting.

    11.Splitting the editor into multiple plug ins, so if you are to use some of the code in their you will be more than welcomed, also this gave us more control over the code, plus made it much more cleaner.

    12.Better wizards.

    13.Code refactoring and enhancements.

    14.New sound support for the new sound system from jMe. You can add the sound and manage it from the sound section, still more work is needed their ( we currently don't check for the boundary conditions for the sound so you might get some exceptions ).

    15.We made the editor as a feature, so you will be able to update the editor when ever we improve stuff in it.

I hope that I didn't miss a lot, because there are lot more, but as we move forward we will show more and more shining stuff coming ahead. We still need testers, if there are some volunteers that are welling to give us hand on it, both in coding, and user wise. I will try to update this thread if there is some missing stuff so stay tuned. And hope that you will enjoy working with it.

Here is the download link  please go to Version 4 RC1.

I get a NullPointerException every time I try to create/open a jME file


first i have to say, that its real big fun to work on that project and a great honor as well. We hope that you like the software as much as we do. And if you find bugs, we'll try to fix them as soon as possible. But we need your help to get that job done.

I would suggest that you post your bugs on the Sourceforge Bug Tracker:

It's not the best bug tracker out there, but it's better than nothing after all :wink:

If you run into an exception, the stacktrace is very helpfull for us. You can find detailed information in the log files of MW3D. You find this file in your MW3D workpsace under .metadata/ in a file named .log

From the name of the download i guess it's windows only ?

Do You plan to release a linux version before final ?

Wow, really sounds like it is coming along nicely!  Keep up the good work guys.

I posted the error on the bug tracker, I also included a screenshot

EDIT: I just tested on my other PC, same error :frowning:

Well done! This is so good for the jME community! :slight_smile:

Thanks all for the nice words, its really great that you like it guys.

From the name of the download i guess it's windows only ?
Do You plan to release a linux version before final ?

Once I can get my hands on a unix mach. I will defenatly try to give it a shot, and post it on the sourceforge site, might need sometime thu :(.

EDIT: I just tested on my other PC, same error Sad

Thats strange, I just tried to create a new jme file thought the wizard, and every thing seems to work fine, I tried to load some of the models ( The import wizard is currently broken ) and it loaded just fine. I really can't tell what is the problem. I can't guess that much from the screen shot, but if can take a look through the log file it will be more informative to us, as Vardamir said. Or if you can send me one of those files, will try to upload them here and see what is the problem, I will PM you with my email.

Thanks all.