Good day to all the jME users in the world.

Since the start of jME people have tried to create some sort of level editor for jME, including myself, but few got it right,

and now it is time for someone to give the community what they wanted.

Myself and Outrunner has been busy for the last couple of months with a descent and well structured jME editor.

MonkeyWorld3D has matured so much that we thought it is time to give it to the community.

We will first show you some screen shots, and tell you what it is all about.

MonkeyWorld3D is our humble try to bring a new methodology for making games

in Java using jME. Our aim from the beginning is to make a

(What you see is what you play game editor), while we have managed to up reach

some milestone versions of the editor, a lot more still needs to be done to complete

the job, and we hope that MonkeyWorld3D bases this trial, and hope that some great

games will be done using it.

Here is a link to the web site and please feel free to read more about MonkeyWorld3D.

Just a sample screenshot:


We will release the first version (MonkeyWorld3D v1.0 alpha) next week Monday, so please lookout for it!

Awesome! Can you tell us more about its features?

looking really nice!

Thanks a zillion!

Hey, that's really great to see…lokking forward to it.


ahh more visual tools

can't wait

will it be plugguble/extensible (md5 is my charcter format) and does it make use of the physics api

Looks great!

Sound like (and looks like) it will be simple to use too.

does the SWT component use the one from realityinteractive or ?

does the SWT component use the one from realityinteractive or ?

Yes Matzon its realityinteractive.

Really looks promising! I hope I find the time to have a closer look at it…

Looks EXCELLENT.  Can't wait to test drive it.  Keep it up guys!

Hi guys.

We are putting together a decent started quide, which will have tutorials and

howto's in it. It will also describe in detail what feature the editor will have.

I can list some of it now:

  • For one, it will support the physics engine. Currently you can set physics on the terrain and

Looks really impressive. I notice in the screenshots that the framerate is a little low. Is this due to the SWT stuff? Or a slow computer?

Or it could be limited on purpose (to give more CPU time for the other tasks).

Wow, seems to be a very complete game solution you've got there. But as mcbeth asked above: are you dealing with some sort of plugin architechture to achieve this? What would happen if I wanted to make a camerasystem that would maintain a cameras position and rotation over time?

I've thought some of editor design myself these last few days, and my plan was to have different layers/plugins for graphics, physics and whatever. These would all have save functions, so e.g. the graphics plugin would save a .jme file, and the physics a simple text/xml file to map physics attributes to the spatials.

Anyhow, I don't know if I can wait! :smiley:

Or it could be limited on purpose (to give more CPU time for the other tasks).

True, except all the screenshots on his site show a different number. If it's locked at a maximum, I'd expect to see that maximum (i.e. 30 or 60), but we see 24, 39, etc.

Yes, I only said it cause I work with a fixed delay per frame myself in some cases (so then it's variable)

I guess we'll know soon enough :slight_smile:

The microbenchmarks I have done (glgears) using the SWT binding from Reality Interactive shows a speed comparable to the native display in LWJGL (!)

So it shouldn't hold it back - ofcourse my benchmark could be flawed :roll:


whats with the icons - they look all blurred and fuzzy ?

Hm the reality interactive stuff doesn't work on OSX though does it?

Okay dudes. :mrgreen:

The screen shots you see was actually taken from my work computer and trust me

it is a very poor graphics machine. The editor is actualy very fast and the terrain you see

in those screen shots is

What I wondered was how flexible the design is – can I make a plugin for, in example, a camera system?

But I think you answered my question by saying it was a level-editor with its own format. Which is nice, just different from the one I was planning.

I'll probably use this one to make levels for Marble Fun (am planning to continue development) :slight_smile: