MonkeyZone design document

Hi, I would like to talk about a design document. As you know every game starts from a text document with explanation of gameplay, assets, races, characters, vehicles, health, damage, weapons…

Sometime ago i did some kind of a designdoc. You can use it as a reference if you like.

I just want to know:

1 How many races there will be?

2 How many characters?

3 What kind of vehicles (cars, tanks, helicopters…) there will be?

4 Will there be changeable weapon?

I think characters could be cyber-monkeys! How do you think? - what about such a thing?

Just to answer the most burning questions: :wink:

  1. two
  2. one type
  3. mobile: hovertank, heavy tank (caterpillar?), light hovercraft, buggy, scavenger, recycler, walker

    static: barracks, power plant

    (just the basic ones listed now)
  4. probably

    Cyber-monkeys would be cool :smiley:

ok, i get. i start concept.

what about such a character style?

Uploaded with

Whoa ubermonkey ^^ He looks very angry :slight_smile: The right one looks a bit more lovable due to its different statue…

this is war… :stuck_out_tongue: Ok, i get you, i’ll paint in details the right one.

I suggest making the legs a bit shorter, the previous examples you linked looked more monkey like, mostly due to shorter legs and longer arms I think :wink:

no problem. but i can’t imagine a running monkey (like a human) with a big gun and short legs. I think it would be strange. That’s why i decided to draw them like humans (like warhammer 40k).

So what propotions you would prefer?

the left monkey drawing reminds me of Earthworm Jim

It’s cool but hold on a sec: Who’s gonna be animating these? I know @iamcreasy said he wanted to do models, but is he up for the task to fully rig and animate a humanoid model? This type of work is very challenging, and it’s what makes hover-stuff so great, because they’re a breeze to animate.

Also, it would have been better to start a new thread for this concept, since new visitors are gonna come in here expecting to find a discussion about the design document, but suddenly it’s exclusively about robotmonkeys. Awesome as that might be, it’s still confusing :stuck_out_tongue: (damn I wish we could split topics)

Spacemonkeys versus humans == La Planète des Singes ???

about design, i would like to know what kind of/type of rendering are you gonna do… meaning is it gonna be more realistic art, or npr rendering. IMO (totally out of box) I suggst you to try tweaking the normal half-lambert + spec map style a bit, half way realistic style looks kind of old, but with more illustrative shading you can make bit less detailed or weird looking things just artistic. you know make it look half cartoonist and after 5 years every1 will say “you know like style they had in monkeyzone”.

also, is this kind of “community project”, can any1 drop ideas? (good to ask this after posting this :P)

if yes, then think about these races:

monkeys vs rhinos

monkeys vs lions (remember that lion digimon standing on two legs?)

monkeys vs bears

monkeys vs cats

i hope i could help, im gettin new power supply to my own computer in couple weeks, last week of high school startin followin monday…

I like your ideas F$NTTI!!! You are really cool!!! I hope core devs will accept this. But lets start with 2 races yet. Monkeys and humans? Ok? I’ll try to finish the concept today/tomorrow. And I’ll make another topic for concepts. :slight_smile:

The style of monkeyzone should not be needing any kind of toon shader or special effect but just look good (like Mass Effect good) using normal maps etc. This is also supposed to be a demo game for jME3, so people shouldn’t be lead to think jME3 can only render one type of visual style.

Hmm Monkey Zone, a nice subject for my coursework ;P. I’m curious to see the final result of this exciting project :).

normen said:
Just to answer the most burning questions: ;)
1) two
2) one type
3) mobile: hovertank, heavy tank (caterpillar?), light hovercraft, buggy, scavenger, recycler, walker
static: barracks, power plant
(just the basic ones listed now)
4) probably
Cyber-monkeys would be cool :D

This is a nice idea. Lately i had been learning to model realistic cars in blender and i think i could be useful in modeling of some suggested mobile models. I could start modeling buggies, posting the processing in an another thread. I got interessed in tank modeling also, and will be my next target.
I wiil search for good image references and blueprints.
Perhaps the "" site help me.
Any prevision for the first version of this game?