Moon Model

Hey, i'm trying to build a moon model, but if I use a sphre it looks pretty ugly and unreal. How can i make a realist 3D moon model?

What is a "realistic moon model" ?

I you want to create a model choose a modeller ( blender for example ) and create one. Then add a good texture. Good looking textures are the secret for good models!

Maybe this a good base picture to create a texture?

There is a procedual planet generator in the forum somewhere, it can amke mars and earth type planets, but mars is just a red moon, so basically i guess it's kinda what you search.

Depending on your Game, would it be best to just use a billboard Node with a textured/image on it?

As I understand it, we always see the same face of the moon so using a static image should be fine.

a sphere with a nice texture and maybe bump mapping should look pretty realisitic i think.

(if you dont actually land on the moon in your game)

My Game is at base on moon o_o

Then you don't want a moon model… you want an Earth model to see from the moon.

Use a world-editor to make bumpy/cratered terrain that looks like the moon.

The Problem is that i Don't know how to create my moon!

Get some modelling experience. Pass a course or a e-tutorial.