More complete Collada support

I don't know how the roadmap looks like for improved Collada support, but at least I would be really happy if the ColladaImporter would be able to understand more parts of the Collada spec than it does now. Ideally I would like to get a random model from Google's 3D Warehouse, import it into jME and it would just work :slight_smile:

Thanks for your consideration… :wink:

Someone else has mentioned that they would be working to add some additional functionality to the importer. Anyone interested is more than welcome to add functionality to the importer as the Collada spec is so massive it is an unreasonable expectation for an open-source project to be able to support the entire thing without serious help from the community.

Looks like everbody wants to use Collada, but nobody want or can code it. Ncsoft is happy with the status now. So they (monkey, renanse, mrcoder) will not code something i think.

I hope we find someone who will code the missing features he/she needs.

I think it's more a lack of time that keeps complete support from being available from our good friends at ncSoft.

I might be able to contribute a bit of code for the importer if the gap of what we need and what is provided right now is not too large and we decide to stick with jME for our project. But for that kind of decision it would also be good to know if someone is already planning on working on it.

the s@cky part is that (for me at least) blender's collada exporter's development is stopped…so I use md5 exporter and md5reader2 external to have animated models.