More Forum Speed Improvements

Hi monkeys,

You might have noticed over the last week or so that the site has been faster. We’ve started taking better advantage of browser level caching and have gotten it down to 1 or two requests per page (it was hovering around 103 requests at one point).

That all said, if you’re getting any CSS weirdness or anything, please let us know! It seems to not be causing any problems though, so enjoy :slight_smile:


yay :), yeh its super fast for me thx

very nice Skye!!

I find the the forum editor a bit strange, looks squeezed but maybe it should look like that?

(Safari 5, Chrome)

The floating top menubar is behaving a bit strange on a iPad. Will get stuck sometimes, I haven’t found out the exact problem but I can come back to it when I know how to reproduce it.

I also noticed there was quite some downtimes a few weeks ago? Was it planned or was it just bad hosting?

Yeah something about the bbPress editor is a little wacky with the layout.

As for the downtime, we were in the process of moving out of the university that was hosting the server as we kept blowing out power supplies!