More information about jME?

hi together

i used jME for a application for the university. now for the written report i need some background information about jME and how it is working. the only thing i found is . Isn't there any more documentation about the way how jme is working?


If you search the forums for "eberly", you'll get plenty of information.  Note also this message:

thx. that helps a lot.

by reading the forum i also wondered why lot of people are using fengGUI or other framework to build the user interface although jme would support swing and awt?

  • JMEDesktop has performance problems on some platforms/graphics cards

  • Swing's Look and Feel is *very* complicated to customize compared to simple game UI frameworks

  • Last time I checked JMEDesktop would not work on Mac OSX at all

That said, I really like JMEDesktop for prototyping or if none of the above applies to a project.

ok thx.

i also was wondering if jme uses java3d or if java3d is just antoher api like jme is. i'm really confused about that :smiley:

Java 3D is a whole other API. Same goal as jME, very different design.